For Colleges

Flxr helps administrators, admissions officers and coaches find and search for the students they want.

When students complete their profiles on Flxr, colleges can search our database for students based on:

  1. Colleges the student is interested in
  2. GPA
  3. Test Score
  4. Athletics
  5. Activities
  6. Volunteer Roles
  7. Geographic Market

...and much more.

With our predictive capabilities, Flxr will be able to determine if a student has a high propensity to graduate from your college. Imagine that the students you accept are more likely to stay for 4 years.

Are you trying to increase admission rates and retention amongst students? Flxr provides colleges with the ability to know which students want to come to your school. We also give colleges the ability to search amongst our database for students that you may be interested in. Imagine the possibilities....